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Exciting News at Dance Zug - Tanzschule Cham!

Get ready to groove and move because our NEW dance classes are here! Whether you're a child, an adult, or looking for classes exclusively for boys, we've got something for everyone.

**Children's Delight**: Is your little one aged 5 and above ready to discover the magic of dance? Our Dance Rhythmic Gymnastics classes will let them twirl with ribbons and hoops, while Ballet will instill elegance and poise from a young age. For those with a modern flair, our Contemporary Modern Dance classes will let their creativity shine! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

**Adult Wellness**: It's never too late to embrace the dance floor! Our Yoga Modern Dance classes fuse the fluidity of dance with the tranquility of yoga. Unwind, stretch, and express yourself in a unique and empowering way. Your body and mind will thank you! Tuesday at 9h.

**Boys' Power Hour**: Calling all energetic young lads! Our Boys Acrobatics class will have them tumbling, flipping, and building strength in an action-packed environment. It's not just dance – it's a showcase of skill and daring that will boost confidence and coordination. Thursday at 17h.

Visit our website for class details and registration. Get ready to dance to the rhythm of life! #DanceZug #tanzschulecham #MoveAndThrive #moderntanz #ballet #kantonzug #tanzkursecham #tanzkurserotkreuz #tanzkursesteinhausen #tanzkursezug #tanzkursehünenberg #contemporary #gymnastik #acrobatik

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