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Dance Classes in Cham

We offer different types of classes according to age group. Our classes are offered from Tuesday to Saturday. Dance-Rhythmic Gymnastics is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with both beginner and intermediary levels. Modern Dance-Yoga is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Dance-Rhythmic Gymnastics
New schedule 2023-2024
The registrations are open !

Dance-Rhythmic Gymnastics
5-14 years old

Tuesday 16h-16h50 Rising Stars, Level 1(5-7 years old)
Tuesday 16h50-18h Rising Stars, Level 2 (7-9 years old)
Tuesday 18h-19h Intermediate, Level 1&2 (10-14 years old)

Wednesday 14h30-15h30 Rising Stars, Level 1&2 (7-10 years old) REGISTER NOW !
Wednesday 15h30-16h45 Intermediate Level 1 (8-12 years old)

Wednesday 16h50-18h10 Intermediate Level 2 (11-14 years old)

Thursday 17h-17h55 Rising Stars, Level 1 (5-8 years old)


Friday 16h15-17h30 Intermediate Level 1 (9-13 years old)
Friday 17h30-18h50 Intermediate Level 2 (11-14 years old)

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This class focuses on creative movement, rhythm and large motor skills. Developing the strength and flexibility of the body and mind, we combine dance, music, acrobatics and the use of ribbons, balls, hoops and ropes; creating balance between fun and learning in the activity. We invent choreographies where the imagination and interest of the child is fully involved: super-heroes, unicorns, princesses, magical worlds of animals like horses, tigers and mermaids...

tanzschule cham, tanzkurse cham, tanzschule zug,Dance school cham, dance classes cham, contemporary dance zug

* The Physical Theatre & Stage Performance is a 3 hours monthly workshop combining theatre and dance, where children learn to convey meaning and tell a story. Through a combination of language, facial expressions, and non-verbal communication, we incorporate elements of dance, acrobatics and theatrical techniques, including the Stanislavski Method. Creativity, strong will and empathy are developed as we aim to create a meaningful experience and a captivating performance.

Modern Dance Contemporary 
11 years old and up
Tuesday 18h-19h Solo & Small Group Coaching 

Wednesday 16h50-18h10 Contemporary

Friday 17h30-18h50 Contemporary

Saturday 10h30-14h
Physical Theatre & Stage Performance*

Adults Private classes and small groups sessions on demand.


This class is an innovative Contemporary approach combining dance and theatre in the process. Using elements of several dance genres, modern and classical ballet, Contemporary dancers strive to connect the voice, the mind and the body through fluid and expressive movements.
The class also enhances versatility and improvisation, using alignment, diverse music, expansive movement and systematic breathing.
Experience the drive and the joy to create choreographies and perform on stage, gaining confidence and accomplishment! 

Boys Acrobatics NEW
8 years old and up
Wednesday 13h30-14h20


CHF 99 per month for 1 lesson per week

CHF 139 per month for 2 lessons per week

CHF 169 per month for 3 lessons per week

3-Hour Workshop: CHF 75

Private class: CHF 180 per hour

Yoga-Modern Dance
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